Sandpoint Glassworks

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I’ve been DMing the Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords Campaign Setting and have been working on battle maps for the various encounters.  Here is Sandpoint Glassworks, one of the locations from the module Burnt Offerings.

I rendered a 40×32 inch, 150 dpi map and I also split it up into 8×10 inch chunks to be printed from an 8.5×11 printer.

Update:  I just realized I forgot a wall!  I’ll try to remember to fix it in the next week or so and upload the corrected version.

Sandpoint Glassworks Small


Download the full-sized 40×32 inch map (jpeg)


  1. Rob Rose says:

    For some reason, I can only print the left side of this map no matter which browser I use.
    It looks great. I just wish I could print the darn thing.

    1. seanesopenko says:

      Hey Rob,

      The image is WAY too large to print from your browser. Try using PosteRazor to print the map.

  2. Pathfinder Noob says:

    Your maps are fantastic!

  3. Rob Rose says:

    I see you wrote that you split this into 8×10 chunks to be printed from a standard printer. Where can I find those? I have to print these from work because of the color printer. I’m unable to download PosterRazor from here.

    1. seanesopenko says:

      Hi Rob. I don’t have the chunked files any more. You’re probably just going to have to chunk it yourself when you have a chance to download Posterazor.

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