The Midnight Mirror: Boroi Manor

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Boroi Manor: Preview
For the Pathfinder adventure module, The Midnight Mirror,  I created a 3 level, 29×22 inch battle map for the players to explore Boroi Manor.  I began the adventure without a map, only drawing out the rooms on the whiteboard and unfortunately this caused them to not have much interest in their surroundings.  Note that this map is missing the top level of the manor, the baby’s nursery, because I was too lazy to do a spiral stair case.

Download the full 29×22 inch 150dpi jpeg here.

Last Wednesday, the PCs were led to the drawing room by Laurentiu, the manor’s majordomo, where they awkwardly demanded Anya bring out her child for them to inspect, thinking the killings were caused due to the birth of the child.

Afterwards they went to the basement where they were thoroughly creeped out by the bride of Zon Kuthon then broke into the manor’s treasure trove.  The adventurers didn’t touch anything but they managed to damage the lock which will make for more awkwardness with the Baron later.  Finally they convinced the guard they were there to transport the prisoner in the basement to Pangolais.  The prisoner tried to escape their escort when they were leaving the manor, bolting with his hands bound behind his back with the ranger’s manacles.  The rogue threw a bag full of coins at the prisoner, rolling for non-lethal damage and critical’d, knocking him unconscious with a single blow.

I think the PCs are going to have to reconsider their neutral alignments and possibly switch them to chaotic ;).


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