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Foxglove Manor Preview

Like all the maps I create you can download them for free under a Creative Commons license.  Download the full printable 18×51 inch map here.

Wednesday my group entered Foxglove Manor.  Everybody’s level 5 (because we went through The Midnight Mirror) and the party consists of a Catfolk Sorcerer, a Halfling Cleric, a Tegu Rogue, an Elven Ranger and a Human Monk.  I was a little mixed up at first and didn’t assign the haunts to specific characters like I should have.  Instead I was having whoever entered haunted rooms to roll the saves and it turned out quite dangerous.  After a few rooms I realized my mistake but it was a little too late because 2 characters had already been knocked unconcious & bleeding and the party started freaking out, worrying about me killing their characters.

When the players reached the revenant she was entranced by the mirror and they were trying to solve how to snap her aware.  As they were covering the mirror with bed sheets found covering an old couch the rogue thought it would be a good idea to stick her one at the same time.  She let out a shriek, sent everybody cowering except the rogue, then proceeded to crush him to death.  When he hit negative hitpoints she let him go then went searching for Aldern.  The rest of the party awoke from their cowering to discover the rogue bleeding on the ground, near death.


Tonight I finished Habe’s Sanatorium from the Pathfinder adventure path module The Skinsaw Murders.  It’s 24 x 17 inches and 200 dpi.  My gaming group is now on the second module from the Rise of the Runelords adventure path after completing The Midnight Mirror.  It’s great to be back after a 1 month hiatus.  Everybody’s schedules were busy but we’re back to our regular Wednesday nights so the battle map creation will continue.

You can download the full-res jpeg image for free from here.