Skinsaw Murders: Foxglove Manor

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Foxglove Manor Preview

Like all the maps I create you can download them for free under a Creative Commons license.  Download the full printable 18×51 inch map here.

Wednesday my group entered Foxglove Manor.  Everybody’s level 5 (because we went through The Midnight Mirror) and the party consists of a Catfolk Sorcerer, a Halfling Cleric, a Tegu Rogue, an Elven Ranger and a Human Monk.  I was a little mixed up at first and didn’t assign the haunts to specific characters like I should have.  Instead I was having whoever entered haunted rooms to roll the saves and it turned out quite dangerous.  After a few rooms I realized my mistake but it was a little too late because 2 characters had already been knocked unconcious & bleeding and the party started freaking out, worrying about me killing their characters.

When the players reached the revenant she was entranced by the mirror and they were trying to solve how to snap her aware.  As they were covering the mirror with bed sheets found covering an old couch the rogue thought it would be a good idea to stick her one at the same time.  She let out a shriek, sent everybody cowering except the rogue, then proceeded to crush him to death.  When he hit negative hitpoints she let him go then went searching for Aldern.  The rest of the party awoke from their cowering to discover the rogue bleeding on the ground, near death.


  1. maedden says:


    I love your maps!

    Any idea when you might post the next ones ?

    1. seanesopenko says:

      Not for a while. I think when we finish the campaign I’m going to go back and make maps for all the critical locations. It takes a lot of time to make these maps and right now it’s more beneficial for my time to be spent reading up on spells NPCs will be using, compiling stat-blocks before sessions in the NPC tracking software I use, and planning strategies and encounters. The adventure books are kind of lacking in material describing how interactions can play out between the players and NPCs. Without proper prep work encounters default to “swing sword first, don’t even ask questions.”

  2. Claire says:

    Curious, are you using the original separate modules or the anniversary edition? I heard that there are some differences between the two and cant decide which to buy!
    Thanks :)

    1. seanesopenko says:

      I’m running the anniversary edition. One difference I’ve come across is they switched around two bosses. I don’t want to share any spoilers but one boss was more powerful than the other and was encountered 1 or 2 levels before hand. She was known as a “party wipe machine.” That’s not the case any more now that she’s encountered later in the campaign. I also believe some rules for running Fort Rannick after it was liberated was in the original source material and the rules aren’t in the Anniversary edition. I think I know why: they put kingdom building rules in the new Ultimate Campaign sourcebook.

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