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House of Night - Preview


Before the end of the evening I managed to finish The House of Night from the Pathfinder adventure module The Midnight Mirror.  It’s a module designed for a party of four 4th level PCs.  The Heart of the Mirror controls this shadow prison plane and it’s up to the PCs to destroy the Heart and escape the prison.  They encounter various shadow denizens while exploring and also meet people from the Material plane who’ve been imprisoned in the House of Night.

Download the 23×39 inch 150 dpi map in jpeg format here.

The Chandlery - Preview
This is a 19×15 inch, 150 dpi battle map for the Chandlery from the Pathfinder adventure module, The Midnight Mirror.  Like always I use an x-acto knife to cut the individual rooms out and then tape them on the table as the players explore.  It builds suspense when they don’t know what is ahead of them.

The Chandlery begins with a modest, packed shop on the main level which leads into an unkempt, makeshift bedroom.  The bedroom contains a trap door leading to the basement where the players will discover exactly where the missing towns people have been going and who is responsible for the disappearances.

Download the full 19×15 inch 150 dpi battle map here

Boroi Manor: Preview
For the Pathfinder adventure module, The Midnight Mirror,  I created a 3 level, 29×22 inch battle map for the players to explore Boroi Manor.  I began the adventure without a map, only drawing out the rooms on the whiteboard and unfortunately this caused them to not have much interest in their surroundings.  Note that this map is missing the top level of the manor, the baby’s nursery, because I was too lazy to do a spiral stair case.

Download the full 29×22 inch 150dpi jpeg here.

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