Favorite Game Aids

Here is a list of my favorite game aids for the Pathfinder role playing game.

  • Pathfinder Core Rulebook
  • Pathfinder Bestiary
  • Pathfinder Bestiary Box Set - Over 300 monster standups for playing on battle maps!  Awesome value!
  • Combat Manager – Quickly build encounters, keep track of initiatives and easily roll monster attacks & damage.
  • PCGen – Quickly create characters.  Great for onboarding players at the last minute.  Open Source!
  • Dungeon Designer 3 – It takes time but the battle maps are well worth it.  The sheets system is a great way to add visual flair to maps.
  • Gimp – Free, open source image manipulation software.  Makes it easy to cut the maps up into chunks for smaller printers and for final contrast & brightness adjustments.
  • PosteRazor – Open source (free) software you can use to divide these maps into chunks you can print on your home printer.
  • Drow’s Random Dungeon Generator – Very fun and handy for a quick roadside dungeon romp during a long journey.

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