Thistletop Preview


Here is my 33×17 inch, printable battle map of Thistletop from the Rise of the Runelords, Pathfinder campaign setting.

Finally the players in my campaign have vanquished the foes hiding under the glassworks and they’re ready to begin searching for Thistletop.  This time around I took a different approach to the construction of the dungeon.  It is designed to be cut up with scissors and then taped down on the dry-erase battle map as the players explore.

This idea came about as I was looking at my last dungeon, Catacombs of Wrath, printed to full size.  I didn’t like how the game played out when the players knew where all the rooms were in advance so I cut each of the rooms out individually and taped them down on the dry-erase battle-mat as the players explored.  They really enjoyed the element of exploration and not knowing what was behind each door.  It kept them on their toes and ensured got them into a “role playing” mood much easier.

Like my other maps, this is being released under a Creative Commons, Non-Commercial, Attribution, Share-Alike license.

Update:  when I get time I’ll post a version of the map that’s put together for those that just want to print it in it’s entirety and not cut out the little rooms.

Goblin Pyros

Last Wednesday I began DMing the Rise of the Runelords campaign setting for 5 first level players.  Some have played before and some were learning the game as we went.  I haven’t played D&D in years and I haven’t DM’d in ages too so it was a learning experience for me, too.  There are some great products out now that weren’t available when I DM’d long ago, including the Pathfinder Beastiary Boxed Set.  We managed to get through the first 3 encounters of Burnt Offering that evening:  Initial Assault, Goblin Pyros and Die Dog Die.

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Here is The Catacombs of Wrath for the Burnt Offerings adventure from the Pathfinder campaign setting, Rise of the Runelord.  It’s 32×40 inches and again I’m sharing a 40×32 inch jpeg map and 8×10 chunks in a zip file.

Catacombs of Wrath Small



I’ve been DMing the Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords Campaign Setting and have been working on battle maps for the various encounters.  Here is Sandpoint Glassworks, one of the locations from the module Burnt Offerings.

I rendered a 40×32 inch, 150 dpi map and I also split it up into 8×10 inch chunks to be printed from an 8.5×11 printer.

Update:  I just realized I forgot a wall!  I’ll try to remember to fix it in the next week or so and upload the corrected version.

Sandpoint Glassworks Small


Download the full-sized 40×32 inch map (jpeg)